How Much Does it Cost to File for Consumer Bankruptcy?

If you are thinking about filing for consumer bankruptcy in Oklahoma, you might be wondering how much it costs. News reports, such as an article in U.S. News & World Report, indicate that debtors can sometimes be too poor to file for bankruptcy. In other words, they cannot afford the filing fees associated with personal bankruptcy. Depending upon the type of consumer bankruptcy, the filing fees vary. At the same time, more complicated bankruptcies can require additional help from a lawyer.

How much does a liquidation bankruptcy cost? How much does a reorganization bankruptcy cost? And what are the noneconomic costs if you do not file your paperwork properly?

Bankruptcy Filing Fees for Oklahoma Residents

The filing fees for each type of bankruptcy are the same across the country. Each type of bankruptcy has a filing fee and an administrative fee, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy comes with an additional trustee surcharge fee. According to the United States Courts, the following represent the total cost (in required fees) for different types of consumer bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7: $335.00;
  • Chapter 11: $1,717.00; and
  • Chapter 13: $310.00.

Most consumers do not file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but there are situations in which it is the only available form of bankruptcy for an individual debtor (for instance, when a person does not qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the means test and her debts are too high to qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy).

Additional Bankruptcy Fees and Costs

The costs listed above represent those required to file for bankruptcy. For instance, if you need to have a bankruptcy case reopened, there are costs that range from $200. Up to more than $1,100. In addition, if you need to convert your case from one chapter to another, you will incur additional fees, such as:

  • Chapter 7 to Chapter 11: $922.00;
  • Chapter 11 to Chapter 7: $15.00; and
  • Chapter 13 to Chapter 7: $25.00.

Moreover, if you file any of the required schedules or other documents incorrectly or with incorrect information, you can lose the option to get a fresh start through bankruptcy, and you could even face fraud charges.

Contact a Bankruptcy Attorney in Oklahoma

Whether you think you have a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy case or a much more complicated Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy case, it is important to speak with an experienced Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy law is complex, and it is essential to file documents properly the first time around. Contact the law office of Deborah Brooks & Associates. P.C. to learn more about how an attorney can help with your consumer bankruptcy case.